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A2 Precision Ground Flat Stock (Standard)

A2 is an air-hardening, cold-work tool steel that has 5% chromium and a relatively high carbon content. A2 Precision Ground Flat Stock is known for medium machinability and good toughness. The A2 grade of precision ground flat stock is a popular blade steel. You can buy your A2 Knife Steel online!

A2 Precision Ground Flat Stock Standard products are precision ground to +/- .001″ thickness and +.005″ / -.000″ width, held sqaure within .003″ / Inch. Our Precision Ground Flat Stock products are precision ground with a Mattison Ground Finish of 32 RMS or better.

If you need a size that is not listed below or if you need custom cut to size pieces talk to one of our tool steel experts today. You can order by phone 1-888-866-5911 or e-mail us for a quote.

Precision Ground Flat Stock TolerancesThickness Top/BottomWidth ToleranceLength ToleranceSquare Tolerance
Tool Steel Standard Tolerance
A2, D2, O1, S7, Low Carbon, 4140
+/- .001"+.005" / -.000"+1/8".003" / Inch
Tool Steel Oversize Tolerance +.010" to +.015"+.010" / +.015”+1/8".003" / Inch
Stainless Standard Tolerance +/- .001"+.000" / .005"+1/8".003" / Inch
Stainless Oversize Tolerance+.010"/+.015"+.010/.015”+1/2" .003" / Inch

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