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Tool Steel Services and Machines

Steel Saw Cutting Machine

Tool Steel Services

We offer tool steel cutting, milling, and grinding services.

Tool Steel Service of California Inc. offers a wide variety of value added services to reduce your machining and overall material costs. We will tackle most jobs other suppliers would avoid with our high quality machines to provide services such as large grinding, milling, and high capacity saw cutting.

We utilize strict quality control procedures and inspections to assure the highest quality and precision services. Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives with your requirements and our team of experts will work to meet your needs.

Contact us at 1-888-866-5911 or E-mail Us

Tool Steel Services: Saw Cutting, Milling, and Grinding


We have two large plate saws machines at our Commerce, CA location we can cut special width requirements quickly and competitively. Our Chicago facility boasts seven production plate saws with length capacity up to 150".

  • 4 Saws in Commerce, CA
  • 17 Saws in Chicago, IL
  • Capacity to 60" High
  • Length to 150"


We offer large volume planer milling in our Chicago facility. Our machine capacity is 46" wide by 160" lengths. When milling large blocks this is ideal where a ground finish is not necessary.

  • 2 Ingersoll Mills in Chicago
  • 60" Height Capacity
  • 46" Wide x 160" Length Capacity
  • Smooth or Rough Finish


We offer Blanchard grinding services from our Commerce, CA facility. We are capable of grinding 36" wide by 72" lengths. We have three large plate grinders in Chicago that can handle 46" wide by 160" lengths.

  • 84" Table in Commerce, CA
  • 120" Table in Chicago, IL
  • 63 RMS or Better


Our Arkansas and Chicago facility has 9 precision grinders. We can produce precision ground flat stock specials in either four or six side ground requirements.

  • 9 Mattison Grinders in Arkansas
  • 18" to 96" Capacity
  • 32 RMS or Better

Our Tool Steel Cutting, Milling, and Grinding Machines

  • Planer Mill Machine Milling Tool Steel

    Planer Mill

    Planer Mill milling a tool steel plate. We can Mill 70 inches wide x 16 feet long...
  • Tool Steel Hem Saw Cutting

    HEM 40×60 Horizontal Band Saw

    HEM 40 x 60 Horizontal Band Saw. Cutting Capacity of 63 Inches. Cutting a large steel round. 55 Inch Cut...
  • Blanchard Grinder Grinding Tool Steel

    Blanchard Grinder

    120 Inch Blanchard Grinder grinding 40,000 pound block of tool steel...
  • Planer Mill Machine Milling Tool Steel

    Planer Mill

    Our Planer Mill machine milling large tool steel block...


Need one of our steel cutting, grinding, milling services or want to find out more about a product? We'll work with you.



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