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O1 Knife Steel Precision Ground Flat Stock (Standard)

O1 is the most common grade of steel for precision ground flat stock. O1 is general purpose oil-hardening steel that is a popular choice for knife makers to make knife blades. O1 offers excellent abrasion resistance, ease of machining, wear resistance, and toughness. Buy your O1 Blade Steel online here!

O1 Precision Ground Flat Stock Standard products are precision ground to +/- .001″ thickness and +.005″ / -.000″ width, held square within .003″ / Inch. Our Precision Ground Flat Stock products are precision ground with a Mattison Ground Finish of 32 RMS or better.

If you need a size that is not listed below or if you need custom cut to size pieces talk to one of our tool steel experts today. You can order by phone 1-888-866-5911 or e-mail us for a quote.

Precision Ground Flat Stock TolerancesThickness Top/BottomWidth ToleranceLength ToleranceSquare Tolerance
Tool Steel Standard Tolerance
A2, D2, O1, S7, Low Carbon, 4140
+/- .001"+.005" / -.000"+1/8".003" / Inch
Tool Steel Oversize Tolerance +.010" to +.015"+.010" / +.015”+1/8".003" / Inch
Stainless Standard Tolerance +/- .001"+.000" / .005"+1/8".003" / Inch
Stainless Oversize Tolerance+.010"/+.015"+.010/.015”+1/2" .003" / Inch

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